Brand Story

Jared’s Galleria

Atmosphere is Everything.

Signet Jewelry, parent company to Kay Jewelers, is a major player in a business category traditionally dominated by local, reputable, single owner stores. Kay Jewelers along with its chief competitor, Zale’s, has retail locations in shopping malls only.

Executives at Signet were looking for a competitive edge to surpass Zale’s in retail sales. They wanted to understand what is important to consumers about the jewelry shopping experience by uncovering the emotional needs that drive their behavior and their decisions.
We interviewed five kinds of shoppers about their bridal jewelry shopping experiences, including people buying for themselves as well as family.

The interviews were filled with surprises, including the respondents’ vivid recall of the experiences. When men were reliving the experience of buying an engagement ring for their fiancé, they could see the salesperson behind the counter just like it was yesterday, even though it was 20 or 30 years ago. They could see the colors, describe the salesperson in detail and repeat conversations verbatim as though they were actually there.

"They could replay the experience in their minds. The emotional intensity of this once in a life-time moment made it salient to them."
We discovered that the noisy, small and crowded aspect of mall-based stores adversely affects the purchase experience. The environment inhibits the salesperson from developing a relationship with the customer and the customer is inhibited from seeing the jewelry properly.

There is no place to sit down and relax. These discoveries served as the catalyst for the decision to design an entirely new shopping experience for customers with a spacious and relaxing environment. Signet began a new initiative as a result of the research findings.
They started mass marketing retail jewelry outside of the constraints of shopping malls.

Soon the company gave birth to a new brand: Jared’s Galleria of Fine Jewelry. Jared’s went off premise and built free-standing stores in front of shopping malls within easy view of passersby on the main thoroughfares in suburbia. They solved all the inherent limitations and problems with small mall based venues, all of which created emotionally based barriers for the customers. Jared’s built stores three, four, five and six times the square footage of their Kay stores.

Our Results

Jared’s, the stand-alone jewelry store chain, literally came out of the discoveries uncovered during Right Brain Research. Jared’s soon became the fastest growing and the most profitable jewelry store chain in the country.

Creation of the most profitable jewelry store
chain in the country
Jareds Galleria