23 May , 2018


Charities are not immune from the ”Weinstein effect.” Oxfam is one the UK’s biggest charities, and one of the world’s largest relief organizations. The vast majority of Oxfam volunteers and employees are doing great work with the world’s most impoverished people, which makes this situation even more sad. In the past few months, Oxfam has lost […]

NFL Owners are Killing Their Brand

4 Mar , 2018


We have heard from one NFL insider that our last blog post hit home and has circulated. We love to hear back, so tell us what you think! We still intend to analyze the decisions the owners are making. And will do so in the near future. But in the meantime consider who and what […]

How to Kill a Brand

31 Jan , 2018


We see it all the time. Once-strong brands die because they don’t adapt to rapid changes. They just keep on keeping on until they wither away. Some well-known examples: Pan Am, Tower Records, Blockbuster, Circuit City, Woolworth’s, Borders Books. Let’s take just one example that could be in the first stages of a death spiral: The NFL. The […]